How To Start Up A Swamp Cooler & Maintenance Guide

By | January 24, 2021

Your guide how to fix it now.

Get started by turning off the power to the unit.
Then remove all of the swamp cooler doors.
Some of the doors might be hard to get off depending
how it has been maintained.
All doors removed as shown in photo.

Now you can clean out the inside of the swamp cooler.
With a shop vac remove all of the debris so it is clean.
Then if you have a table put the doors on it.
Will make it easier to work on the doors.
As shown in photo.

Now start by removing the wire brackets on the doors.
Remove them from all the of doors.
As shown in photo.

Your swamp cooler pads might be hard to remove.
If your swamp cooler has been poorly maintained.
It is possible you might need to pry out the pads.
Be careful not to damage the door.

After you have removed the pads.
Clean the doors of all debris stuck to it.
Also on the doors if any of the louvers are bent.
You can straight them out with a pliers.
Louvers as shown in photo.

Now you need to check the disturbers
and make sure they are not clogged or damaged.

As seen in photo.

Most of the time If your distributor clogged.
You can fix them by taking a screw driver.
Prying it in the distributors.
Turing the screw driver back and fourth.
As shown in photo.

It is very important to have good water flow.
In a swamp cooler especially the distributors.
Install the new swamp cooler pads in all of the doors.
Be very careful to tuck all of the pads in the doors
Or you might get a leak on the out side of the door.
It also can leak on the in side of the swamp cooler
even go in to the squirrel cage and even the motor and the bearings
can get damaged.
See photo showing pads installed correct.

Reinstall of the wire brackets back on the doors.
As shown in Photo.

Now you are ready to work on the inside of the swamp cooler.
Start by cleaning out the water distributors with a snake.
You can buy one at most home improvement stores.
As shown.

Use the snake to clean out the supply distributors lines.
As shown n photo.

Move the snake in and out of the distributors to remove any scale build up.
Do this thoroughly it will help make the best water flow you can get.
Now remove the belt off the squirrel cage.
Pull the belt towards you off the squirrel cage.
Be careful not to pinch your hands on the pulley.
Photo shown removing the belt.

Now go a head and reinstall the belt.
Start by putting one end of the belt
on the motor pulley.
Then slowly Put the other end
on the squirrel cage pulley.
Being very careful not to pinch your hand in the pulley.
As shown in photo belt installed.

Now you are ready to lubricate the bearings.
On both sides of the squirrel cage.
As shown in photo.

Fill them up with zoom spout oil.
Zoom spout oil photo.

After that is complete.
Check the water float.
If it is corroded relay bad replace it.
Now you turn on the water.
And adjust the water float.
If necessary keep the right water level.

Water float shown in photo.

Go a head and put the doors back on.
And it is ready for use.


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