How To Replace A Swamp Cooler Float Guide

By | January 23, 2021

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Start by turning off your water to the swamp cooler.
Your shut off could look like one of these.
As shown in photo.

  • Reasons to replace your swamp cooler float.
  • It might be corroded and rusted out.
  • When it breaks your swamp cooler will keep on filling with water causing it to over flow possible making a flood.

Now that you have turned off the water to the swamp cooler remove the doors.
And you are ready to remove the water line.
Start by removing the water line from the float.
Photo showing water line nut.

Completely loosen the nut all the way from the float to remove the water line.
Then you can remove the nut that holds the float to the swamp cooler.
As shown in photo.

It will be easy to remove the nut with a socket.
While doing this hold the float in side the swamp cooler.
To help get the nut off.
Remove the float and put the new float in.
Install the new nut on the float.
And hold the float with your hand.
And tighten the nut with the socket.
Make sure when you tighten the nut that the float is straight in the cooler.
So where the water comes out it is straight.
Other wise you might get a leak on the out side of the cooler.
Next reinstall the water line to the float.
Make sure to tighten the water line good.
Turn the water back on.
Then loosen the screw on the float.
With a pliers or crescent wrench
Adjust the screw on the side of the float.
As Shown in photo.

Adjust the float for the right water level.
In most cases you can look at thew swamp cooler pan and you will see how high the water was before.
Adjust it to that height.
Water line on pan as shown in photo

In some cases you might need also to bend the float shaft.
As shown in photo.

Reinstall the doors and turn on the swamp cooler.
And run the swamp cooler.
Make sure the swamp cooler pads are wet.
It will keep adding water until the pads are soaked.
Then the water will shuts off.
If it does not shut off you might need to readjust the float.
After you get the right water height the swamp cooler is ready for use.

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