Why buy A Ductless Mini Split System 101

There are a lot of reasons why you will want to buy a mini split. Here are just a few reasons. The cost of a mini-split system. In some cases is less than half the cost of a conventional split system. If space is limited it takes up a lot less space . Unlike a… Read More »

How To Adjust Swamp Cooler Float

Use this post as your step-by-step guide on how to adjust your evaporative swamp cooler float valve. Here are a few reasons why you may need to adjust your swamp cooler float valve. If it is filling up with too much water you might have water coming out of your overflow drain. Or you if… Read More »

All Things to Consider When Buying an Swamp Cooler

Evaporative swamp coolers work best in a low humidity climate for the best cooling. What size space are you looking to cool how many square feet. What style of swamp cooler are you looking for window unit portable roof mount. Is there sufficient power at the location where you want to install the swamp cooler.… Read More »

How To Install A Water Line To A Swamp Cooler

Use this post as your step-by-step guide how to connect a water line to your swamp cooler.Below we will show you several ways to connect a 1/4 inch water supply line to any swamp cooler. One of the easiest ways to connect your swamp cooler to water line. Is with three simple parts. 1/4″ Female… Read More »

How To maintain A Eyewash Station Guide 2022

How to maintain your gravity-fed eyewash station. The periodic maintenance of an eyewash station. Is very important the solutions in the eye wash station have expiration dates and must be changed. Depending on the conditions every three to six months everything should be drained from the eyewash station. Then the eyewash station should be thoroughly… Read More »

Top Best Swamp Cooler Floats

Your swamp cooler float valve is one of the most important components in your swamp cooler. A broken swamp cooler float valve. can cause a lot of problems. If the float breaks off the water will start over filling your swamp cooler nonstop possibly flooding your space. Or when your swamp cooler float becomes corroded… Read More »

Swamp Cooler Distributors Cleaning & Repair

One of the best ways to maintain your swamp cooleris to keep your distributors lines clean.You can do it with a flexible snake.It can found at most home improvement centers.As shown in photo. Some of the top reasons to clean your swamp cooler distributors are. As the scale and minerals build up it will restrict… Read More »

How To Replace A Swamp Cooler Float Guide

If you need a new swamp cooler float click here. Here are reasons why you might want to replace your swamp cooler float.It might be corroded and rusted out.When it breaks your swamp cooler will keep on filling with water causing it to overflow possibly making a flood. 1. Start by turning off the water… Read More »