How To Replace A Swamp Cooler Water Float valve On A Mastercool

By | June 12, 2022

Use this post as your step-by-step guide. How to install and adjust a swamp cooler float valve on any model of mastercool swamp coolers.

Start by turning off the power to your swamp cooler. You might have to unplug it from the wall. Or possibly turn it off at your power source at the breaker panel.

Turn off your water supply line.

Disconnect the water supply line. From the swamp cooler that is connected to your float valve.

Pictured below is the old broken swamp cooler float. It is best to hold back the swamp cooler float one removing the nut on the other side.

To remove the nut you can use a socket or open-end wrench or Crescent wrench.

Remove the nut off the swamp cooler float by turning it counterclockwise. To remove the swamp cooler float.

Now you’re ready to install the new swamp cooler float.

Remove the nut from the swamp cooler float. leaving the washer on the float.

Slide the swamp cooler float through the hole. Make sure you have the water supply from the float facing down as pictured.

Install the nut on the swamp cooler float.

While holding back the swamp cooler float. Tightened down the nut be careful not to overtighten you could break it.

Connect your water supply line.

Tighten down the water supply line. And turn on the water and power to the swamp cooler.

Let the swamp cooler fill with water.

Don’t fill the swamp cooler above the water line.

If you overfill the swamp cooler the water will run out of the overflow.

In most cases you will need to adjust the swamp cooler float. Some swamp cooler floats have an adjustment screw. How ever it is still possible even if your swamp cooler has an adjustment screw. You might possibly need to bend the swamp cooler arm. To get it adjusted right.

swamp cooler float with adjustment screw
swamp cooler float with no adjustment screw

If your swamp cooler does not have enough water. You might need to raise the float up. You can do that by adjusting the screw. Or you might have to put a slight bend on the swamp cooler float arm up. Or if you have too much water you might have to bend the arm so the float is lower or adjust the screw so the float is lower.

The photo below shows a slight bend in the swamp cooler float down. That would lower the water in the swamp cooler. If you need more water make a slight bend the opposite way up that will raise the water. After completing the adjustments you will be ready to put your swamp cooler back in service.

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