How To Replace an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Fan Motor Belt Guide

By | January 23, 2021
  • Why to replace your swamp cooler fan motor belt.
  • A cracked belt can break and interrupt service.
  • A cracked belt will bounce around making more wear on the squirrel cage and the bearings.
  • When the belt breaks it can damage other parts when it fly’s off.

Replacing a bad Evaporative cooler belt.

A bad swamp cooler belt will have cracks.

Most evaporative coolers have a bracket the motor sits on.

Always make sure the power is off to the swamp cooler.
Next you need to be remove the doors. The doors usually simply push up and pull out.
Sometimes this can be hard to remove due to rust you might need to use force to get them out. almost all of swamp coolers have a bracket that the motor sits on which can be adjusted for the belt tension.

Replacing a swamp cooler belt is an easy task that most people can do there self.

Keep in mind the hardest part on older units is getting the rusted bolts to loosen up and doors off.

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