How to install a hard drive On a surveillance DVR,computer

By | November 17, 2017

You can use this tutorial.
To learn how to replace a hard drive.
Or install one from new.
First begin by making sure the power is off on the unit.
Then remove the cover.
As seen in photo.

Next if your unit has a hard drive.
You will need to remove it.
If yours has no hard drive.
you can skip this step.
Unplug the wires from the hard drive.
Be very careful to pull on the plug.
Not the wires or you can break them.
Wires removed as shown in photo.

Now turn the unit over.
And remove the screws that hold the hard drive on.
As shown in photo.

Now that you have removed the old hard drive.
You are ready to install the new hard drive.
Start by screwing the new hard drive to the unit.
As shown in photo.

Go head and reattach the cables to the hard drive.
As shown in photo.

Install the cover back on The unit.
Then if you have a DVR.
Format the hard drive.
Most systems you can find format under settings.
Just click on format the hard drive.
If you have a computer you will need to install a operating system.

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