How To maintain A Eyewash Station Guide 2022

By | June 7, 2022

How to maintain your gravity-fed eyewash station.

The periodic maintenance of an eyewash station. Is very important the solutions in the eye wash station have expiration dates and must be changed. Depending on the conditions every three to six months everything should be drained from the eyewash station. Then the eyewash station should be thoroughly cleaned With hot water on the inside.
Whenever the eyewash station is maintained the tag should be signed and dated.

Begin by removing the tag at the top of the eyewash station
Then remove the cap.

Now you are ready to drain the eye wash station. Make sure you have enough buckets so you could drain all the water.

Open the eye wash station to begin.

Depending on how big your eyewash station is it might take some time for it to drain. As most gravity-fed eyewash stations hold over 16 gallons of water.
If you have two buckets that will be good.
Empty one bucket as the other one fills.

Now that you have completely drained it.
Remove it from the wall.

Now you need to rinse it relay good with hot water.
If you can use a hot power washer would be good.
Or hot tap water will also work.
As you rinse it out have the eyewash tray open.
To rinse out the eyewash station distributors.
Make sure none of the distributors are clogged.
On some eyewash stations, you can remove the distributors.
If your distributors are removable better to remove them to clean them by hand.
Now you Can rehang the eyewash station on the wall.
Now you need to add the eyewash preservative.

After you add the eyewash preservative to the eyewash station.
You will need to add distilled water to the eye wash station. Fill it to the full level mark.
In this case, it calls for 16 gallons of distilled water.

Now that you have added the water you are ready to put the cap back on the top of the eyewash station.
Sign and date the tag and install the tag back on the cap.
Your eyewash station is complete and ready for use.
If your eyewash station does not get used it will not need to be serviced for 90 days.