How To Wire A Thermostat On A Evaporative Swamp Cooler 101

By | June 12, 2022

Installing a swamp cooler thermostat is one of the best ways to control your swamp cooler. The thermostat will let your temperature control your space to the desired temperature you want. It will also turn on your swamp cooler pump. To reprime your swamp cooler pads or media. That will help relieve a lot of dust making it into your space. From the swamp cooler motor turning on before the pads or media are prime sucking in dust from the outside in your space.

Wiring a swamp cooler thermostat only takes basic knowledge of electricity. All work should be performed to local codes. If you are not comfortable working with electricity consulted electrician or somebody else who has knowledge.

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Below is a diagram that shows you step by step how to connect your swamp cooler. Two any 120 Volt variable speed self priming thermostat.

In most all circumstances you will connect the following wires together.

The incoming power source. You should have three wires. The black wire will be your hot wire. The white wire will be your common wire. Green wire or bare copper wire as your ground.

1. Connect your black hot wire. To the black wire on the thermostat.

2. Connect the white common wire. To the white common wire on the thermostat.

3. Connect the green wire or bare wire. To the green ground wire on the thermostat.

4. Connect the wires that come from the pump. Connect the black wire to the orange black striped wire on the thermostat.

5. Connect the white wire from the pump To the white wire from the thermostat. Both wires are common wires.

6. Connect the green wire from the pump to the green wire on the thermostat.