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How To Pick The Best Ductless Mini Split System

Decide if the ductless mini split system is right for you. A ductless mini split is most often referred to as a mini split system. Mini-split systems over the last several years had become more and more popular. The ductless mini split system requires no ductwork. Adding a mini-split system is one of the best… Read More »

What Is The Best Ductless mini split system for a bedroom

Before you can decide what is the best mini-split system for your bedroom. You will need to measure how many square feet it is and also include closet space. If you are not sure how to measure for square feet there are a lot of online calculators that will convert your measurements into square feet.… Read More »

Top Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Buyers Guide 101

When it comes to mini-split air conditioner systems there are a lot of options that are cost efficient compared to a conventional split system. One planning a mini-split system there are a lot of things to consider. What is your budget for the mini-split system. How many square feet of cooling and heating are you… Read More »

Why buy A Ductless Mini Split System 101

There are a lot of reasons why you will want to buy a mini split. Here are just a few reasons. The cost of a mini-split system. In some cases is less than half the cost of a conventional split system. If space is limited it takes up a lot less space . Unlike a… Read More »

How To Align A HVAC Blower Motor Pulley

I found a HVAC blower motor squirrel cage pulley. That was loose and ready to come off. See photo of the key ready to fall out. As shown. See photo pulley is almost ready to fall off the squirrel cage shaft. As shown. Get started by loosing the Allen screw on the squirrel cage pulley.… Read More »

Roof Exhaust Fan Maintenance

This tutorial will teach you how to maintain a exhaust fan. It will be the same principal for a roof or wall exhaust fan. Start by powering down the unit. Then remove the cover. Now you can remove the belt. The best way to start is to pull the belt from the motor. Towards the… Read More »