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Replace Hard Drive On A Macbook

Use the video below as your step by step guide how to Replace Hard Drive On A Macbook. There are also links for tool kit needed to take the Macbook apart and to replace the ribbon cable.

How To Install Fusion Add-on

This will teach you how to install Fusion on Kodi TV. Start by opening Kodi. Then click on settings as shown on photo. Then click on file manager as shown in photo. Next click on add source as shown in photo. Click on none as shown in photo. Type in then click Ok as… Read More »

How To Install Kodi TV For Free

How to install Kodi on your P.C Go to Then click on download and select what platform you will be installing it on. I will be installing it on a windows P.C. So I will click on windows platform as shown in photo. Click on the windows installer don’t do the nightly just click… Read More »