How To Do A Spring Startup On A Bonaire Swamp Cooler

By | June 12, 2022

Every season before you start up your swamp cooler. It’s a great idea to thoroughly go through your swamp cooler. And check all the vital components and do a thorough cleaning of the entire swamp cooler to help assure proper operation for the season.

Begin the process by disconnecting and removing your swamp cooler. Turn off and disconnect the water supply and the power to the swamp cooler if you have not already done so.

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  1. Now that you have disconnected your swamp cooler you will begin by removing the screws that hold on the cover four screws hold it on. Green arrows pointing to screw locations.

2. Now that you’ve removed the screws that hold down the cover you will firmly lift up on the cover as seen in the photo. pull up at location of green arrows.

3. Remove the swamp cooler hose from the distributor supply.

4. Now that you’ve removed the cover from the swamp cooler you could now evaluate the condition of the unit. Green arrows are pointing to areas that have scale buildup that must be cleaned.

5. You also need to evaluate the condition of the media pads. In this circumstance, they’re in very good condition and do not need to be replaced. If your pads have excessive scale build-up you will need to replace the pads.

6. Remove the screws that hold the swamp cooler pump on. See green arrows showing location of screws. After removing the screws be very careful because the swamp cooler pump is hardwired.

7. Next be very careful and remove the swamp cooler hose. In some case’s the plastic on the pump might be very brittle.

8. Now that you have the swamp cooler pump removed. You can remove the basket and thoroughly clean the basket and the swamp cooler pump. In some cases, white vinegar can help remove some of the scale buildups. Scrub it with a scrub brush be very careful not to get any water inside of the swamp cooler pump or you can ruin it.

9. Now you are ready to clean the rest of the inside the swamp cooler. You can blow out the inside of the swamp cooler with a leaf blower or an air compressor or remove the big debris by hand. Remove as much of the debris as possible before scrubbing. Debris that does not come out from blowing out the unit spray down with some white vinegar and thoroughly scrub with a scrub brush. Be very careful not to get any water into the swamp cooler motor. The cleaning of the swamp cooler is a very tedious process and will take some time.

10. Thoroughly hose out and clean the swamp cooler water distributor supply line.

11. Thoroughly scrub the swamp cooler float with the of it age this can become brittle. Be careful not to damage.

12. Now that you have thoroughly cleaned the swamp cooler the inside should look clean.

13. Now that you have cleaned some of the components of the swamp cooler. We will begin to reinstall some components. Install the swamp cooler basket back on the pump.

14. Reinstall swamp cooler discharge hose. Be very careful the plastic might be brittle and break.

15. Reinstall the swamp cooler screws that hold on to the pump.

16. Now remove the swamp cooler distributor assembly. Green arrow showing the location of screws.

17. Thoroughly clean swamp cooler distributor assembly. On both sides.

18. Thoroughly clean swamp color media pads. If needed spray with white vinegar and thoroughly cleaned do not use any scrub brush or you will damage the pads. Also, clean the front of the swamp cooler grill.

19. Swamp cooler media pads cleaned and distributor supply cleaned. If your swamp cooler media pads have excessive buildup they will need to be replaced.

20. Now reinstall the distributor assembly. And install the screws located where the green arrows are.

21. Now that you’ve thoroughly cleaned everything in the swamp cooler. It is time to check the swamp cooler for proper operation before putting it back together. Make sure the swamp cooler is on a flat level surface.

22. Connect the swamp cooler water supply line.

23. Turn on the water to the swamp cooler and let it fill. After it is filled check for the proper water level. You should be able to see your previous swamp cooler water level. it should have left the stain at the previous swamp cooler water level.

24. If the water level of your swamp cooler is good. You will not need to adjust your swamp cooler float. if the water level is not good you will need to adjust your float. If you need to learn how to adjust your swamp cooler float we have a tutorial for that.

25. Now we will test the swamp cooler water supply to the distributors. Remove the hose from the clip.

26 . Plug in your swamp cooler to power so you can test the pump. Point the swamp cooler distributor supply hose away from the swamp cooler. Turn on your swamp cooler to test the pump water supply to distributors.

27. If you have a good supply of water coming out of the hose it should be OK. If there is no proper water supply you might have some debris in the hose. Or you might have to possibly replace your pump.

28. Reattach your swamp cooler distributor hose. After you reattach the hose make sure to pull up on the hose. because you will need the length so when you reattach the cover the hose will fit into the distributor supply.

29. Swamp cooler distributor supply.

30. Now you are ready to reattach your swamp cooler cover.

31. Carefully lift and reinstall your swamp cooler cover.

32. Reinstall the screws that hold on the cover. be careful not to over tighten the screws you will damage the plastic.

Now your swamp cooler is ready to go back into service. If your swamp cooler needs additional repairs we have tutorials for all phases of swamp cooler repairs on this website.

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