How To Replace The Media Pads On A Bonaire Swamp Cooler

By | June 12, 2022

In this tutorial, We will show you how to replace media pads on a Bonaire swamp cooler. There are many reasons why you will want to replace the media pads on your swamp cooler. One of the top reasons to replace the media on your swamp cooler. Will be due to scale buildup. In your swamp cooler, You will want to have the best water flow possible clogged media pads will greatly restrict your flow of water reducing the cooling into your space.

The photos below show scale buildup on a swamp cooler media pad.

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Start the process by disconnecting your swamp cooler. Turn off and disconnect the water supply and the power to the swamp cooler.

  1. Once you have disconnected and removed your swamp cooler you will begin by removing the screws that hold on the cover four screws hold it on. Green arrows pointing to screw locations.

2. Once you’ve removed the screws that hold down the cover you will firmly lift the cover as seen in the photo. Pull up at the location of green arrows.

3. Remove the swamp cooler supply hose from the distributor supply.

4. Now that the cover has been removed you can access the swamp cooler media pads.

5. Start by removing the washers from the retaining clips. It is best to remove the washers with a needle nose plier gently wiggling it back and forth. In most case’s the plastic will be brittle and you might break a few of the retaining clips. Remove all the washers from all the swamp cooler media pads.

6. Next remove all the retaining clips. Wiggle them back and forth to remove them. On the girl side of the swamp cooler. Be very careful these will also be more than likely brittle and possibly break.

7. Now that you have removed all the washers and retaining clips. You can remove the swamp cooler media. Depending on how bad the scale buildup is it might be very difficult to remove the swamp cooler media. Be very careful so as not to break the plastic.

8. Once you have removed all the swamp cooler media. You should thoroughly clean the grill. Spray Some white vinegar on the grill. To help break up all the scale build-up. Scrub it with a scrub brush be very careful it is plastic and you can break it.

9. Now reinstall the media into the swamp cooler. Start by installing the media that fits into the front of the swamp cooler grill. Slide it in at an angle as seen in the photo.

10. After installing the media it should sit in their flat as seen in the photo. Repeat this process for the media that sits next to it.

11. Reinstall all the retaining clips in the front grill.

12. Reinstall all the swamp cooler media washers.

13. Reinstall all the swamp cooler side media. Repeat this process on both sides.

14. Now you are ready to install the swamp cooler side media pads. Insert the media pads into the slot see the green arrow in the photo.

15. Reinstall all the swamp cooler side media clips.

16. Reinstall all the swamp cooler media side washers.

17. Now that you’ve installed all the new swamp cooler media you’re ready to put the cover back on the swamp cooler. Begin by pulling up on the swamp cooler distributor supply hose. You only need to pull it up a little bit this way when you reattach the cover it will not slide down and miss connecting to the distributors.

18. Once reattaching the cover you will make sure the hose slides into the swamp cooler distributor assembly.

19. Lift on the sides of the swamp cooler. And carefully slide the cover back on.

20. Reinstall all the swamp cooler screws. Locations at green arrows careful not to overtighten or you will break the plastic.

Now you are ready to put your swamp cooler back in service. If you have any other issues we have all phases of swamp cooler repair on this website.

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