Roof Exhaust Fan Maintenance

By | November 14, 2017

This tutorial will teach you how to maintain a exhaust fan.
It will be the same principal for a roof or wall exhaust fan.
Start by powering down the unit.
Then remove the cover.
Now you can remove the belt.
The best way to start is to pull the belt from the motor.
Towards the squirrel cage.
As you do that pull the belt towards you out wards towards you to remove it.
Be very careful not to pinch you hands in the pulley.
As shown belt removed in photo.

Now you can install the new belt.
Once again be careful not to pinch your hands in the pulley.
It is easiest to put one end of the belt on the motor first.
Then put the other end on the squirrel cage to install it.
If the belt is to loose.
You will need to adjust the tension on it.
Most motors will have 4 bolts that will need to be loosened.
So you can adjust the tension to the belt.
In most cases there will be 2 bolts on each side of the motor.
As shown in photo.

After you have loosened the bolts on the motor.
Then you can move the motor to adjust the tension on the belt.
When you get the tension good tighten the bolts.
Be careful not to put to much tension on the belt.
It is a good idea to use a amp meter if possible.
So you can check running amps on the motor.

Amp meter as shown in photo.

Connect the amp meter to one of the motor power wires.
To check the amps.
Turn on the motor to check the amps.
Make sure your amps are close to the motor running amps.
Must motors will have a tag that shows the amps.
As shown motor tag showing amps in photo.

You might need to adjust the tension on the belt.
Depending your amp reading.
If your motor has any bearing with zerk fittings.
Grease the fittings most bearings use a multi purpose grease.
Give it one to two pumps of grease.
Now you are ready to reinstall the cover.
And power the fan on.

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