How To Install A Water Line To A Swamp Cooler

By | November 16, 2017

This will teach you how to connect a water line to your swamp cooler.
I will be connecting a 1/4 inch flexible copper water line to the swamp cooler.
My water supply line already has a 1/4 inch adapter already on it.
So all I will need to do is connect the copper line to the water supply line.
And connect it to the swamp cooler float.
You can pick up the 1/4 inch copper flexible line and the compression nuts and sleeves at most home improvement stores.
Start by turning off the water supply line.
Run your 1/4 flexible line to your swamp cooler and the other end to your water supply.
Next slide one copper compression nut on the copper line.
As shown in photo.

Then slide the copper sleeve on the copper line.
As shown in photo.

Now you are ready to connect it to the swamp cooler float.
Tighten the nut 1/4 turn past hand tight.
As shown in photo.

I will repeat the same steps to my water supply line since it is the same connection.
If your water supply line is not 1/4 inch you will need a adapter to make it work.
Once you connect the lines you can turn the water back on.

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