How To Drain Your Pool

By | November 15, 2017

This will teach you how to drain your pool in a few simple steps.
Depending where you live you should check with your local city.
To see if it is OK to drain your pool into your storm drain or if it needs to go into your sewer line.
To drain your pool you will need a submersible pump.
When buying your submersible pool pump you might want to think about how big of a pump to buy.
Because if you have a really big pool you might want to get a pump that will pump out a lot of gallons per hour.
Other wise it can take a long time to get the pool drained.
You can buy that at most home improvement stores.
And you will also need 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch fixable hose.
That also you can find it at most home improvement store or a pool supply store.
And you will need some PVC adapters that will connect your submersible pump to the pool hose.
And get one hose clamp to hold the hose on the PVC adapter.
Also a small can of PVC glue to glue the fitting together.
Make sure you get the right size PVC the same size as the hose you bought.
At most home improvement store you can buy a short piece of PVC pipe.
Start by connecting the flexible pool hose to your storm drain or sewer line.
As shown in photo.

Then connect the other end of the hose to your PVC adapter with a hose clamp.
As shown in photo.

Next you are now ready to connect the PVC adapter to the submersible pump.
As shown in photo.

Now use a extension cord to connect power to the pump.
Don’t connect the power until you put the pump in the water.
As shown in photo pool pump in pool.

Make sure the extension cord is not in the water.
Now you are ready to power up the submersible pump.
As shown in photo.

And now your pool will start draining.

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