How To Clean Your In Door Coils On Your HVAC System

By | November 16, 2017

It is a good idea to annually clean your HVAC evaporator coils.
Cleaning the coils will help improve the efficiency of your system.
That helps cut down the cost of operation.
And that will save you money and increase the life of your HVAC system.
And increase the life of your blower motor and compressor.
Cleaning of your evaporator coils will help your system from being over worked.
When the coils are clean you will have better air flow over the coils.
Once you have cleaned the evaporator coils.
It will be a great idea to regularly change your air filter once a month,
or sooner if it is dirty.

Using a pleated filter is good for filtering out the dirt.
If you have a split system getting to the evaporator coil will be harder.
There might be a cover that need to be removed.
Or you might need to cut open the sheet metal to get access to the coil.
If you need to cut it open you can do it with a tip snip.
After You have completed cleaning the evaporator coils.
You can tape the sheet metal back where you cut it from
They make special foil tape for HVAC sheet metal you can get it at most home improvement centers.
If you have a package system it will be easier to clean it.
Get started by powering off the unit for safety.
You will need a pump sprayer bottle or a hand sprayer will also work
Put some dish soap in the sprayer bottle use a good amount of soap and add water.
It is OK to go a little heavy on the soap you can test it on your hands.
If it is slippery that is good.
Now you can spray the soapy water on the evaporator coils.
Thoroughly spray the coils.
As shown in photo.

Next you can thoroughly rinse the evaporator coils.
If possible use hot water if you have a water heat run a hose to it.
Hot water will clean better.
With your hose lightly spray the water on the coil.
As shown in photo.

Don’t spray to much at once because the evaporator coil sits in drain pan.
So the drain need to keep up with the water you are spraying.
Or you can over flow water on the drain pan.
The water could damage something.
Make sure you thoroughly rinse out all of the soap.
Left over soap could attract dirt.
Now you can put the HVAC system back together.
And power it up and it is ready for service.

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