How To Clean Your HVAC Coils

By | September 21, 2017

It is a good idea to regularly clean your HVAC condenser coils.
Cleaning the coils will help improve the efficiency of your system.
That helps cut down the cost of operation.
And that will save you money and increase the life of your HVAC system.
Regular cleaning of the coils will help the HVAC system from being over worked.
Cleaned coils will let the system run at lower pressure.
That can save you a lot of money on repairs.
Cleaning of the coils will extend the life of the compressor and your condenser motor and blower motor.
When the coils are clean you will have better air flow.
You can use this tutorial weather you have a split system or a package system.
To get started turn off the power to your HVAC system.
In most cases you will have a power disconnect at the unit that you can turn off.
Or you might need to turn it off at your circuit breaker.
If your HVAC system has not been regularly maintained.
You might need to remove your condenser fan motor.
So you can get access to the inside of the coils.
If your HVAC system has been regularly maintained you can skip this step how to remove the condenser fan motor.
Condenser fan motor as shown in photo.

Start by removing all of the screws that hold the motor on the top cover.
Next you can remove the condenser fan motor.
Be very careful not to bend any of the fan blades and not to damage any of the wires.
Turn the condenser fan motor upside down.
As shown in photo.

Now you are ready to clean the coils.
You will need a pump sprayer works best.
But you can get by with a sprayer bottle.
Add some dish soap to your pump sprayer.
Don’t be afraid to add a lot of soap because you will thoroughly rinse it all out with water.
Thoroughly spray the coils with your sprayer.
As shown in photo.

Make sure you thoroughly spray the coils also do the inside if you removed the condenser fan motor.
Now your are ready to rinse out the coils with water.
If possible use hot water.
It will do a better job cleaning them.
You can run a hose to your water heater if possible.
Make sure when you rinse the coils with water spray the water as close as possible.
You need to get the water throw the coils to be able to get all of the dirt out.
As shown in photo.

If your condenser coils are realy bad you might meed to repeat the coil cleaning process.
After you have finished cleaning the coils.
You can reinstall the condenser fan motor if you removed it
And turn the power back on your system is ready for use.

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