How To Align A HVAC Blower Motor Pulley

By | November 21, 2017

I found a HVAC blower motor squirrel cage pulley.
That was loose and ready to come off.
See photo of the key ready to fall out.
As shown.

See photo pulley is almost ready to
fall off the squirrel cage shaft.
As shown.

Get started by loosing the Allen screw
on the squirrel cage pulley.
Then you can push the pulley back in position.
So it is in alignment with the motor pulley.
Also make sure the key is pushed back in.
As shown.

Make sure to tighten down the Allen screw good.
So it does not come loose again.
It will also be a good idea
to check the pulley on the blower motor.
To make sure that Allen screw is tight.

Luckily this was caught while doing
a periodic maintenance.
That’s why it is a good idea to check the air handler.
And do a thorough P.M every 90 days.
If possible check all compartments on the air handler.
Even look at the wiring and connectors.
Make sure there are no loose wires or broken connectors.
Or wires that changed colors looking baked
from bad connections.
Also check the contactor contacts for any signs pitting
or looking burnt.
If the contacor looks bad replace it.

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